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Who Am I?

Taysir (aka Ty) has been passionate about olive oil for many years now. It all started in his home country Tunisia where olive groves are almost everywhere covering 1/3 of the country. The local cuisine carries olive oil in most dishes. It is obvious that these circumstances have made him an olive oil lover.

The liquid gold is more than just food

Extra virgin olive oil carries heart-healthy fats, and is also a great source of antioxidant compounds, like vitamin E, oleacein, and oleocanthal.

Additionally it is used in cosmetics as a makeup remover since it works well to break down the waxy substances that make eyeliner or mascara waterproof.

For thousands of years, olive oil has represented several symbols. For the Greeks it was the nectar of gods. For the romans it was the symbol of purification and for the Egyptians it was the gift of the goddess Isis.
For the Christians the olive tree represents the symbol of peace (with the episode of the dove that returns to the Ark of Noah holding an olive branch in its beak).

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